Order from a Singaporean customer

2023-05-04 16:28:47 bgjm332

This Singaporean customer bought 2 pcs FR-880 continuous sealers from Made in China earlier this year. At that time we did not realize he was a distributor. In April the customer said the 2 pcs FR-880 they had previously bought were samples and had been tested. They were very satisfied with our continuous sealers and now needed to buy 50 pcs FR-880. Based on our knowledge of the Singapore market, we recommended the filling and vacuum machines to the customer. He followed our advice and purchased a few Samples. We look forward to a big return order in the coming months! Our output is very stable, welcome to place your order!

Packing list:

FR-880       50pcs

Y1WTD-500   1 pc

Y1WTD-1000  1 pc

G1WTD-500   1 pc

G1WTD-1000  1 pc

DZ-500 stand  1 pc

Bespacker machine Manufacturers

Bespacker machine Manufacturers

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