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Bespacker TVA-600B pet plastic bottle box date batch expiry coding machine
    Publish time 2018-05-20 01:35    
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 Bespacker TVA-600B pet plastic bottle box date batch expiry coding machine

110V/220V, 50/60HZ
Max. Printing Size
Max. Printing Height
About 30cm
Machine Size(mm)


 Electric ink printing machine is one of the series of printing machine development according to the market demand by our company, the machine adopts advanced linear reciprocating motion, vertical 
  movement structure, has stable performance, simple operation, printing text, pattern deformation, high speed, beautiful handwriting and clear advantages. cutting blade, character, mode the plate 
  adjustment is very convenient.

 The pad printing machine can be used for printing production date, validity date, batch number on the metal, plastic ,glass, nylon, film material objects, as well as small commodity tr
  ademark, pattern, word and bar-code.


 1.Strong adhesion to the printing surface

 2.Good fluidity, with ink into a slurry, can not flow in the ink or oil basin

 3.When the transfer thin water evaporates with the ink, it can play its viscosity.

 4. Fine pigment will be more obvious luster, reduce transparency, the general printing of normal ink thickness of 7mm

 5. Ink gloss can not be affected by the printing surface changes

 6. Can dry quickly but does not affect viscosity

 T his device is the default date plate, standard size plate, steel plate, can be customized according to customer request date, production number logo company name, contact information and so on.

 Note: The regular version of the content on the 18th of each month, will continued 24 months, total of 24 groups, a single print size of length 22.5 * height 2.5MM, the print results are: dot word , as 
  shown above effect.

 Various sample

Bespacker TVA-600B pet plastic bottle box date batch expiry coding machine

 Special customed pad content for reference

 Product Details
Bespacker TVA-600B pet plastic bottle box date batch expiry coding machine

Swing arm assembly

The main function is to print the printed version of the date (or number, pattern) through the swing arm to printing.

The adjustment plate can move up and down, left and right. Select the date you want to print. Up and down to adjust the printing pressure on the plastic head, left and right movement can be accurately adjusted to print the date.

Rubber head adjustment plate
Adjust the ink, poured into the oil cup, the general print hundreds to thousands of times, just add a third of the oil cup . When the oil cup moves back and forth, if the ink scraping is not clean, the three screws on the pressure cup holder need to be adjusted according to the actual situation. More questions, please contact us.

Convenient adjustment
Loosen the screws. The printing plate version, can move to the right position of the print date.
This machine standard edition size is 160*80MM, also can use 175*85MM ,if you have the other type machine, the printing plate size is 175*85MM, this machine can be used in general.

Spare parts
Original with machine,

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