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Bespacker M-3 Industrial ink jet printer date batch expiry coding machine
    Publish time 2018-05-20 01:26    
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Bespacker M-3 Industrial ink jet printer date batch expiry coding machine

our handheld inkjet printer using the world's leading Hewlett-Packard latest high performance engine. Swappable cartridge design plug and play. Is the first mobile phone, tablet, wifi wireless transmission (limit Andrews), 360-degree printing, do not stay dead . With 600dpi high-definition screen, the best print quality and give you as a photo-like effect over other inkjet printer several times. Can print date, time, frequency, and serial number, etc. (can vary with time of day) bar codes, two dimensional codes, print speed of up to 300dpi conditions at 60 m / min. Built-in SD card permanently save information, one should have the kind of ink, follow customer demand, adapt to different printing materials.

Usage / Application
Can be applied to wood panels, cardboard, stone, fiber board, light steel keel, pipes, metal, plastic, aluminum foil and other products date, counting, lot number, serial number, etc. and shift bar codes, two-dimensional code printing.

Description of date operation

The device is a touch screen smart handheld printer, the use of high-quality shell, native editing or optional PC operation; color touch screen, simple operation; Built-in mass Chinese font:
Turn on the power → click the function key → edit the file → click text → click on the right edit box → click edit → enter the date → click the file save as (save as letters) → exit → function key to load the file → click to print (print key is red, Status is printing)
Save the format must be BMP format

Import graphics operation instructions
Picture → change image bmp format → save to random u disk → function key → load file (u disk) → click file (copy to local) → function key (edit file) → click picture (click the blank edit box on the right) → click to select Graphic (adjust the width of the height) → OK → Save the file (save as letters or numbers only) → Exit → Then the function key to load the file → Click the Set button → Print speed and synchronization multiplier adjustment → Click the print button (print button is red printing )

Working speed
Spray print direction
360 - degree printing, whether it's the power to hold under any printing, meet production needs
Spray print fonts
built-in gb full word stock, pinyin input method, touch online editing, don't need to connect the computer, easy to operate
Spray print graphics
to spray various logo, graphics through U disk import
Spray printing precision
Spray publishing
1 to 7 line can be adjustable
Spray print distance
2 mm to 10 mm (spray nozzle to the object distance) 2 mm - 5 mm spray printing effect is best
Spray print bar code
bar code, two dimensional bar code
Serial number
1-8 a mutable sequence number
Automatic spray printing
date, time, batch number, serial number and shift (with changes according the day time)
Store information
the system can store more than 1000 huge amounts of information (can be inserted U disk to save, information can be out at random)
Message length
each message spurts India more than 2000 font, infinite length
Spray printing speed
up to 80 m/min (under continuous printing) spray printing speed does not change due to the increase of the number lines
Packing weight
Ink color
black, red, blue, yellow, green ect
The cartridge capacity
± 50 ml, one box ink can spray print 80 million font (2 mm)
External interface
USB, DB9, DB15, photoelectric interface, can be directly inserted into the U disk import information
Power supply parameters
one single DC16.8 V lithium batteries can using 10 hours(enabled) as a screen saver 30 hours of standby time
Control panel
wireless mouse control, also can be edited on the computer by U disk after import)
System functions
The average power consumption is less than 5W
The using environment temperature
0 ℃ ~ 38 ℃
10% ~ 80%
Print material
Wood board, carton, stone, MDF, light steel keel, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, cable, etc.
Various Samples

Bespacker M-3 Industrial ink jet printer date batch expiry coding machine

Product Details

Bespacker M-3 Industrial ink jet printer date batch expiry coding machine

Touch screen

Intelligent operation panel, break the conventional ink, ribbon code limit code, direct input can ink jet

Imported cartridges

Clear and beautiful printing, the machine comes with a trial cartridges

Refined packaging

Box cushioning shock absorption protection, to avoid damage to the machine

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